5 Signs You Should Build A Metal Garage

Metal garages are a popular choice for many property owners. You may be unsure whether you should consider using a metal like steel for your next garage. However, these 5 signs will tell you whether you should start looking at steel garages.

High Heat

If you intend to use high levels of heat in a garage, a metal structure with a cement floor is going to be the safest option. Folks who intend to weld, for example, would do best to install metal garages. The same goes if you're going to have flames in the garage for heating or other purposes.

While the metal won't prevent all possible fires, it will reduce the risk relative to having a wood structure. This is especially true in dry parts of the world, but heat can be a problem anywhere.


Bugs can create a lot of trouble in a wooden garage. If you've had previous issues on the property with termites or carpenter ants, for example, steel may be the best option for your next garage. Similarly, pests like mice and squirrels can damage many non-metallic materials. The simplest solution in many cases is to eliminate the things that encourage infestations.


Generally, metal is less likely to encourage mold. Wood often has crevices that allow mold to sneak into spaces and grow. Especially if you live in a high-humidity region, this can quickly get out of hand. Steel garages have smoother surfaces and tend to be easier to wash and maintain.

Structural Strength

If you're planning a large garage, you need to think about the building's structural strength. One of the main advantages of steel is its high weight-to-strength ratio. If you need a huge garage with an open floor plan, metal makes a major difference. You have a huge roof without having to insert support beams in the middle of the building in most cases. Even if the plans call for supports, they'll be thinner and fewer than if you build with wood.

The same logic also applies to small garages that require significant structural support. If you need to build a garage in a region that gets lots of snowfall, for example, a metal building is likely to handle the load better.

Construction Speed

The relatively light weight of steel also makes it an appealing option for rapid builds. If you need to get a structure up quickly for a field operation, for example, steel sections will go up fast. 

For more information about steel garages, contact a local company.