Asphalt Sealcoating Protects Your Parking Lot From Sun Damage

If your parking lot is fairly new, but it's started to look faded, the sealcoat has probably worn off. Your asphalt contractor probably put a sealcoat on when the parking lot was built. Ideally, they replace the sealcoating every few years to keep the asphalt protected. If you're seeing a few cracks and faded asphalt, it's probably time to have another sealcoat applied. Here's how asphalt sealcoating is done.

Block Off The Lot

If your building is closed on the weekends, the contractor may work on your lot then so the entrances can be blocked off and they don't have to worry about cars. Once the sealcoating is applied, it needs to dry for at least a day. That means cars can't use the parking lot during that time.

The contractor might work weekends, but if you're open on weekends too, then sealing the lot a portion at a time is necessary. The contractor will block off part of the lot for a few days and then reopen it for use before blocking off another part.

Clean And Repair The Asphalt

The sealcoating contractor needs to sweep and clean the area of the lot to be worked on. They might also treat grease stains to break them up. Cracks will be filled in too since sealcoating has to be done on asphalt that's in good repair. The contractor also wants to make sure no rain is forecast since the weather needs to be dry so the sealcoat will cure. Once the lot is ready, asphalt sealcoating can begin.

Spray On The Coating

Asphalt sealcoating is done by spraying or by spreading it around with a squeegee. The crew covers the surface of your parking lot and then keeps the area sealed off so the coating can dry. The work goes pretty fast, but that depends on how large the work area is.

When the coating dries, the surface of your lot will be dark again. Repaired cracks might show through since the coating is thin, but at least your asphalt will be spared from further sun deterioration with the coating in place.

The coating prevents damage to the asphalt, so it's important to apply it on schedule. If your lot sees a lot of traffic or is used by big trucks, the coating might wear off quicker. Having asphalt sealcoating done regularly could reduce the number of repairs the parking lot needs and also help your lot last a lot longer before having to be torn out and replaced.

For more information on asphalt sealcoating, contact a company like Carolina Striping of North Carolina Inc.