Tips For Prepping A Garage Floor For An Epoxy Coating

Do you want to transform the look of your garage by installing an epoxy floor? If so, you'll likely need some help getting this job done. Here are some tips for how to prepare your floor for that new epoxy coating.

Perform A Moisture Test

It's important to test the floor to see if you are getting moisture that seeps through it. The best way to do this is to take a square foot's worth of plastic sheeting and tape it to the floor so that it forms a seal. Leave it on the floor for about a day, and then check to see if there is any condensation on the plastic. If there is, then installing an epoxy floor may not be best. You'll have issues getting the epoxy to bond properly with the floor, and it can cause the material to fail later.

Smooth Out The Floor

The concrete in your garage is likely not perfect. Now is the time to go over the surface and smooth it out. Areas that are raised off can be leveled off with an angle grinder, and areas that have missing chunks of concrete should be filled in. The nice thing about this part of the process is that the floor doesn't need to look great in terms of color since you're going to be covering the floor with epoxy.

Clean The Debris From The Floor

You should next remove all of the debris from your garage door since you do not want to have debris mixed in with the epoxy. The easiest way to do this in a garage is with a broom or a leaf blower since you can push the debris right out of the garage door. 

Degrease The Floor

The floor will need to be cleaned using a degreaser. These products are best applied by getting the floor wet first and then applying the degreaser directly to it. Just make sure to not allow any area to dry out before the degreaser is applied to it. A power washer can be used to get the degreaser off the surface, and then use a squeegee to give it a final pass to remove all of the degreaser. The floor will need to fully dry before you can continue

Do you need help when it comes to applying the garage floor epoxy? Reach out to a professional in your area that can help.