Why A Vapor Barrier In Your Crawl Space Is The Bare Minimum Protection You Need

Not a lot of people like to think about their crawl space for longer than necessary, after all, it is quite a boring and mundane area of your house that is more functional than enjoyable. However, ignoring your crawl space is also a recipe for disaster that could cost you dearly in the long run. To avoid potentially paying a lot more in repairs than you might like, the absolute bare minimum protection you need is to have a crawl space vapor barrier installed. Here is what that will mean, not just for your crawl space but for your home as a whole.

What Is A Crawl Space Vapor Barrier?

Before you book a crawl space vapor barrier install, you probably want to know what it is. Basically, the crawl space in your home is generally just an open area where the soil beneath your home is a couple of feet away from the underside of your first floor. In this area you have all your foundations and sometimes people use it for minor storage. What you might not realize is that the earth naturally expels vapor and moisture, which can and will affect your foundations and potentially your whole home. A vapor barrier is just a thick sheet of plastic that is used to prevent this from happening. 

Surely The Moisture Cannot Be Too Bad?

It is hard to imagine how the underside of your home can get so wet if it is not continuously raining or anything like that, but vapor from the earth can be far more insidious. You don't expect it to be a problem, and so many people don't even look for it. Meanwhile, mildew and mold can start worming their way into the bottom side of your foundations. People with chronic breathing conditions can also find it harder to live without a properly installed vapor barrier because the air becomes much more moist and thick. In short, not only is it bad for your building, it is bad for your health too.

How Long Does It Take?

A crawl space vapor barrier install does not take months or weeks; it often can be done in a single day or two at the most. It is a very simple process and one that just requires vigilance to ensure the whole crawl space is covered, which is why using professionals is key. Once it is installed, you won't have to worry about this problem again for many decades, if ever, because of how long-lasting the materials are.