4 Signs a Well-Water System Needs Maintenance

Keeping well water systems in top shape is critical. However, you might not know the signs of when a system needs maintenance. If you're worried about a well-water system on your property, keep an eye out for these four indications something may be wrong.

Spitting or Aerated Water

The water coming out of the tap is often your best clue something is amiss. If there are issues with the pump, for example, the system might not have enough pressure to provide a steady stream of water. Consequently, the water will start spitting out of the tap rather than flowing.

Similar issues can occur if there are problems with the lines. You should check the lines inside the house first to avoid creating unnecessary work. However, once you've ruled those out, it's likely time to call in a water system maintenance technician.

Growing Electricity Consumption

Pumps usually rely on electricity, and that means they will consume more juice when they're struggling. Bear in mind this doesn't necessarily mean a pump is dead. If it has a clog, for example, the buildup could impede the water flow and cause the pump to work harder.

Once more, you should rule out other possibilities. Check the electricity consumption of other systems in your house before concluding the pump is the problem.

Bad Tastes or Smells

Filtration can do a lot of work to improve the quality of the water in your home. However, keeping up the rate of water flow is often the best way to get the cleanest results. The flip side of that approach, though, is a failing pump can reduce the water flow and leave funky materials and smells in the line. You should try replacing all the filter and treatment chemicals, though, before blaming the pump.

In the best-case scenario, the problem is some type of harmless salt. The worst-case scenario, however, is there are biological contaminants in the line. Either way, take bad tastes and smells serious. Call a technician and learn what they have to say about the issue.

Low Pressure

A lot of problems can lead to low water pressure from a well. If the natural process isn't replenishing the well, you could experience low pressure due to low rainfall or snowfall. However, a failed pump or collapsed pipe could produce the same scenario. If the water pressure isn't at your desired level, talk with a water system maintenance professional.

Before trying to fix the problem yourself, consider contact a professional servicer such as Golden Gate Well Drilling & Water Conditioning who will ensure the job is done right.