Choosing the Right Interior Paint Finish for Your Home

Applying the right interior paint finish in your house can improve the appearance of your indoors. Therefore, you need to choose the finishing you want in your home carefully. There are various finishes available, and you may not know which one to choose. Here's a guide to selecting the perfect paint finish for your house.

The Various Interior Paint Finishes

You need to know the various paint finishes available to make the right choice. The common interior paint finishes include the following:

  • Flat finish. Ideally, flat finishing is a matte surface without shine. The finish can hide wall imperfections, including cracks or bumps.
  • Semi-gloss. This finish is common in kitchen or bathroom storage and doors. Semi-gloss finishing cleans easily and has a subtle shine. However, surface preparation is essential as the paint may highlight poorly-prepared surfaces.
  • Matte or flat enamel. Matte finishing usually experiences slight filming upon drying. The finish works for rooms that require occasional cleaning.
  • Eggshell. The finishing resembles the low gloss of an eggshell. The finish can withstand cleaning and has a longer lifespan than flat or flat enamel finishes. Also, eggshell finishing can hide the flaws on your walls.
  • Glossy or high gloss. Glossy finishing resembles the shiny finish of plastic or enamel. This interior paint finishing reflects light and can magnify wall flaws. Therefore, sand or perform drywall repair on the surface you want to paint. Once you fix the flaws, you can apply the glossy finish for an improved interior look.
  • Satin. The finish works well on doors, windows, ceilings, and walls. A satin finish is smooth and has a low sheen hence perfect for areas with high foot traffic, like kitchens and kid's bedrooms. The finish can withstand regular cleaning and light scrubbing.

Your interior painting services understand the characteristics of every paint finish and can help you make the right decision.

Buying the Right Sheen

When choosing the perfect paint sheen, note that a high gloss results in a dark and intense paint color. Also, the more glossy the interior paint is, the higher the reflective ability of the paint and the more costly the paint becomes. Therefore, smoothen and repair the interior accordingly before applying a reflective finish.

Understanding the variety of finishes available and selecting the perfect sheen are essential tips to help you choose the right interior paint. Consider these tips to give your home a much-deserved improved look. When you're ready, reach out to interior painting services like Carvey Painting & Decorating Inc.