A Submersible Well Pump Might Be The Right Choice For Your New Well

If you're planning to drill a well on your property, you need to decide on the type of pump to install. Sometimes, the decision is out of your hand since some pumps work better in shallow wells and other pumps work better in deep wells. A popular option for many well owners is a submersible well pump. Here's how this type of pump works, and the benefits of choosing one, even though they may cost more than other types of pumps.

A Submersible Pump Goes Under The Water

An alternative to a submersible pump is a jet pump that rests on the ground and is easy to reach and service. A submersible pump is installed in the well under the water. It works by pumping up underground water and sending it to a tank that stores water for use in your home.

Submersible Well Pumps Are Durable

Submersible pumps are made to be durable so they don't need many repairs. These pumps are so well made that they can last for years as long as they are properly maintained. The motor and wiring are in a waterproof area, so there is no risk of water damage. If the pump needs to be serviced, or if it ever needs repairs, the pump can be pulled out of the well and then lowered back down. However, unlike other pumps, the submersible pump doesn't need routine maintenance on the motor since the motor is sealed to keep it watertight.

The Pumps Are Efficient

Submersible well pumps work efficiently. They don't need to be primed, and they work with gravity to move water. Since they don't need to be primed, their motors rarely burn out and need to be replaced. They can move large volumes of water, but they can also be used in small wells since the pumps come in different capacities.

You Can Find A Submersible Pump For Your Needs

A submersible pump has several advantages over a jet pump such as a longer life and fewer maintenance requirements. This makes the submersible well pump a popular choice to consider, and you can probably find one no matter what size well you have.

You may need help from a well contractor when choosing your pump. The motors come in different capacities as rated in horsepower and the pumps are also rated according to how many gallons per minute they can move. The contractor may need to do calculations that include the depth of the well, storage tank size, number of faucets in your home, distance from the well to your house, and your anticipated water needs when helping you choose the right pump for your water system.

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