How Homeowners Can Succeed With Basement Wall Waterproofing

The walls in the basement need to be waterproofed, even if there aren't any signs of water damage. This measure will keep this problem from surfacing, saving you from spending thousands on repairs. With these basement waterproofing tips, you can execute this protective measure flawlessly.

Treat Walls if Water Damage Is Already Present

If there are some walls in the basement that do have signs of water damage, then you want to treat them first before applying any sealants or taking other waterproofing measures in the basement area. The damage has to be treated so that it doesn't continue getting worse with time.

You might have to treat areas that have mold, peel back structures to perform better assessments, and even replace some wall sections. These steps are key for setting up your waterproofing solutions correctly to where they actually work for a long time.

Find the Right Masonry Sealant

Thanks to the introduction of masonry sealants, homeowners have the ability to waterproof their basement from the interior by applying these products to walls. Working with this product isn't difficult. You just need to find a masonry sealant that is capable of holding up and adhering to your basement walls properly.

You need to account for the basement walls' materials so that you can get a compatible sealant that takes to them perfectly. Also make sure you read the instructions that come with the masonry sealant, so that you follow the right steps for optimal waterproofing results. 

Complement Interior Solutions with Professional Exterior Solutions

In addition to treating the walls in the basement with waterproof masonry products, you might consider working with a professional to come up with exterior waterproofing solutions for the basement. You'll then have more protection to rely on over the years.

Speak with a basement waterproofing contractor to see what exterior solution they would recommend. It might be a trench system based on the slope around the basement area, or they may suggest making some improvements to the foundation. Let them guide you to the right exterior solution for extra protection against water.

Homeowners with basements have to constantly think about the possibility of water and the damage that comes with it. If you take this problem seriously by executing the right waterproofing measures in a timely manner, then you won't be one of those homeowners that is left dealing with stressful costs around the basement area.