Round Handrails and Why They Are Great

If you are trying to decide what type of handrails are right for your deck or outside stairs, then you might want to choose round ones. You can buy round handrails in various available materials. If you're wondering about why you should opt for round ones, here are just a few advantages of round handrailings.

1. Round handrails can look great

One of the things you will be thinking about when you are trying to choose handrails is how they are going to look. When you use all the right materials and choose the right styles of those materials, you will create a space that looks how you want. Choosing something that doesn't fit quite how you want, then that one thing can cause people to focus on it and it won't be for good reasons. Round handrails can add a nice and smooth look that doesn't get people's attention the way bulkier square-shaped ones might. 

2. Round handrails can have some nice embellishments

Another thing that can be nice about round handrails is that there are a lot of things that can be done to them to add to their style. For example, you can get round handrails that have a steel look to them, but with a line of nice-looking wood running along the top of them. The roundness of the handrails will be smooth and even, so although the handrails look like one piece, which they will be, there is that secondary material to them. This wood streak can be an especially nice option if you have an area that includes both steel and wood decor and furnishings. 

3. Round handrails are easy to grab 

Round handrails fit nicely in a person's hands and this makes them a great choice for stairs. Round handrails are especially easier for children to grip than square ones are. They are also a good way to go for the deck railing because they won't have those corners that square ones have that can be uncomfortable to lean against.

4. Round handrails are easy to keep clean

You need to keep your handrails clean and properly sanitized. Not only do you need to keep the handrails clean to keep them looking great, but it's also important because it helps to prevent the spreading of germs. The round handrails are a lot easier to quickly clean with a rag due to their shape.