Having Your Property Surveyed

Land surveys can be essential for understanding the extent of the property that you own. However, many property owners will not have much experience with having land surveys completed. This unfamiliarity can lead to them having some questions about the process.

Why Would A Property Owner Need A Land Survey Completed?

Having land surveys completed prior to buying or selling a piece of property is one of the most common situations where these services are needed. However, there are many other instances where these surveys can provide critical information to the property owner. A common example of this situation could be a property owner that is wanting to have major upgrades done to the property. Without the information provided by a land survey, it could be easy for property owners to accidentally violate the boundaries of their neighbors.

Do All Land Surveys Provide The Same Level Of Detail?

It is easy for property owners to underestimate the level of detail that can come with these surveys. Often, people will assume that a land survey will simply show the outline of the property in relation to the neighboring lots. While this is one of the most basic types of information that a survey will provide, an ALTA survey can provide the owner with a comprehensive assessment of the property. This will include any improvements that were made, easements that are in place, and the location of buried utility lines. Depending on the type of project that you are going to undertake, this type of detail can be critical for effectively planning where to place your upgrade.

Will The Land Survey Process Create Disruptions?

The process of creating a comprehensive land survey of your property can require a professional surveyor to visit the property. While this may cause the owner to think that they will have to suffer significant disruptions while this survey is being done. In reality, the disruptions will be limited in scope as this can be done entirely outside of the home. However, you will want to avoid the areas of the yard that are being actively surveyed. Depending on the size of your property and the complexity of the improvements or utility lines that are on it, the surveyor may need several days to be able to complete this work. The surveyor will be able to give you an estimate for how long they will need to spend on your property after an initial consultation, which can help with planning for these contractors to be present.