How Your Dream Home Can Be Underground

Are you considering constructing an earth home? Although the concept might sound strange when imagining a dream home, earth homes involve living in a home that is partially or entirely underground. These homes have a great deal of history, while also being practical and wonderfully unique.

Underground History

Back when humans lacked the expertise to construct free-standing dwellings, underground structures were fairly standard homes. Associated with the Iron Age, these dwellings are known as souterrain structures. While the concept might sound exotic, it's still a common type of dwelling in some parts of the world (depending on the local topography), with the Spanish town of Guadix being a notable example. But now it's the 21st century, so why would anyone set out to build an underground home?


There are multiple reasons why an earth home can hold some appeal. The aesthetics of this type of home are truly unique with the unorthodox nature of its design allowing it to be integrated into the surrounding landscape. Anyone who lives in an earth home can be assured that their home is undeniably one-of-a-kind. Its integration into the earth can also be kinder to the planet, as your heating and cooling needs will be drastically reduced. This is due to the thermoregulatory properties of the earth that surround the dwelling, with the dirt enabling your home to hold a steady temperature, regardless of outside conditions. 

Making Your Home

There are some key benefits to constructing this kind of dwelling, but one of the first things an earth home builder will tell you is whether it's legally possible to make such a place your home. Local zoning regulations mean that actually living in an earth home may not be permitted in every jurisdiction. Zoning aside, site selection plays a crucial role in planning an earth home. An ideal construction site is one that allows for windows on one side, which involves the earth home being partially buried in a hill or outcrop. This permits natural lighting, but it's also possible for a discreet atrium to be constructed, functioning as a skylight. The specifics of design (and the required construction) will vary significantly depending on your individual needs, and how potential sites can accommodate those needs. 

If you've always wanted to build a unique dream home, maybe it's time to look beyond the suburbs or the countryside and start looking beneath the surface—quite literally, in fact. Contact an earth home builder in your area for more information.