How an High-Velocity Air Conditioning Installation Can Add More Efficiency to Renovations

When the time comes to replace your AC, a high-velocity air conditioner may be the right solution. These systems are specially designed to provide more efficient HVAC and are perfect for renovations. Therefore, you may want to add a high-velocity AC installation to your to-do list when planning major renovations.

What's A High-Velocity Air Conditioner?

A high-velocity air conditioner is a system that uses very high speeds to generate a large amount of cooling air. This is done with a high-efficiency AC unit and more powerful blower fans. In addition, these systems also use more compact ducts for air delivery. This reduces the space needed to install ductwork. For this reason, these systems may also be referred to as compact duct AC.

Options for High-Velocity AC Systems

There are just as many options with a high-velocity system as there are with other HVAC systems. Thus, you will need to decide on what features your system needs. These options include things like heat pumps that can provide heating and cooling or air purification. There are also options for more decorative vent covers, which can make the installation more attractive to fit in with the interior design.

Costs of Installing High-Velocity Air Conditioning

Another step in the planning is to get an estimate on the cost of installing a new air conditioning system. There are many factors to consider for the installation costs of a high-velocity system. The first thing to consider is the size of the system and if there are going to be multiple units needed for your home. The costs of installing high-velocity systems can cost as much as $4000 in some areas and under $3000, depending on where you live. This also depends on the equipment and extra features that you have installed with your system.

Planning the Installation of a High-Velocity AC

There is also the planning of the installation that needs to be done. Before the new AC can be installed, the old equipment needs to be removed. If any changes need to be done before the AC is installed, you need to make sure they are done before the contractor comes to install the system. You also need to decide where things like the AC unit and other equipment will be installed with the new system.

The installation of a high-velocity AC system can be a great investment for your home. Contact an air conditioning installation service to learn more.