Bite Back! 5 Effective Ways To Control Termites Eating Away At Your Home

Are termites eating away at the wood around your home? It is time to bite back and get rid of them for good. But, what are some of the most effective things that you can do to get rid of termites? Here are the most effective solutions that homeowners can use to deal with termites.

1. Remove Termite Habitats

The habitats that attract termites are anywhere there are organic materials. They like wood and moisture. Termites may colonize dead stumps, old yard waste, or ground coverings with wood materials like pine bark. If you have a problem with termites eating your home, you want to remove these materials to get ahead and start getting the problem under control.

2. Treat Wood Surfaces

Wood surfaces can also be treated to help deter termites from eating away at the structure of your home. There are several options to treat wood surfaces. First, you might want to consider natural treatments that help repel termites, such as citric or pepper sprays. Some treatments can also be used to impregnate the wood to keep termites out and seal any damage that an existing infestation might have caused.

3. Use Natural Insecticides

There are many choices of natural insecticides that can be used to treat your termite problem. These are eco-friendly treatments that are being used more commonly by the extermination industry. They are usually based on some of the natural home remedies but in a more concentrated form. The benefit of these natural treatments is that they provide an effective solution without using hazardous chemicals in your home.

4. Put Out Termite Bait Traps

Another effective termite treatment that you may want to use for your home is bait traps. These traps can be set around areas where there are habitats that attract these insects. The bait traps will help with the extermination of termites inside and outside of your home. You might want to put bait traps out regularly, even after the termites are gone, to keep the problem under control.

5. Schedule for Regular Spray Treatments

You might also want to schedule a regular pest control visit. The pest control service will do an initial assessment of the problem and plan a series of treatments to deal with the problem. You will also be able to schedule regular spray treatments to help prevent the problems with the termites from returning.

When termites are eating your home, contact a professional termite control service for help. They can often help when you are having trouble getting the problem under control.